Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Burry's Cookies

My favorite cookies when I was a kid were Burry's Gauchos. They were peanut butter sandwich cookies with a little diamond cutout in the center where the filling came out. They are still made but only sold by the Girl Scouts during their cookie sale drive. I usually buy a few boxes and eat them up pretty quick each year.

But as a collector, I really want to find an old box of Gauchos. So far I have had no luck but I did find a Burryland Stars box that features the Gauchos elephant. So the search continues.


hombre said...

Hey Dan,
Did you just nab that old Bugles Corn Snacks box from me this morning? I hope you get some good use out of it! I wanted that box so badly; my mom would never let me get Bugles when I was a kid. She said,"They were too expensive and they tasted like crap."

Dan Goodsell said...

No it was not me - you should have let me know that you had it, I am looking for an old Bugles box.....