Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mr Toast's USA Tour - Florida

Mr Toast arrived in Florida to stay with Amanda. He spent some time goofing off around her house.

Time to set off in search of fun. First stop the Adventurers' Club at Downtown Disney.

Then a ride on the monorail to Disney World.

Then off to Epcot and and all the many lands at the World Showcase.

Of course at Disney, there are plenty of characters to see and meet.

Well Mr Toast has had a fun time. Now it was time to say goodbye to Florida


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised to see the Disney characters are allowed to hold Mr Toast. Great advertising for their number ONE competitor- Mr Toast!

Dan, if you see a Disney truck, full of money, backing up to your residence, beware. We can't have Mr Toast go the way of Winnie the Pooh and that ownership controversy.

Anonymous said...

Chip and Dale look kind of .... hungry. That picture scared me. But the all-powerful god Toast-Ra of the many arms will be able to defeat the ravenous chipmunk-creatures, this I know, because the Book of Toast tells me so.

Anonymous said...

these are hilarious

Tom Gill said...

This little guy really gets around!!

imwithsully said...

This looks so fun! I want to be on the USA tour route. Mr. Toast could spend a day at work learning how to be an art director at an ad agency. :)

Anonymous said...

What is Mr. Toast, and why were the Disney Characters holding him like that?