Sunday, July 15, 2007

Felt Club

I just got home from Felt Club. Flet Club is a crafts show they hold a couple times a year here in LA. The show was amazing but very crowded and very hot. It was only $1 to get in and I was one of the first 250 people so I got a free goodie bag with lots of books and flyers. Inside were booths by Boy Girl Party, I Heart Guts, Mahar Dry Goods, Sewing Stars, Steven Weissman, etc. I went once around the show to get a lay of the land. When I went back for a second pass it was so crowded, I couldnt really get down the aisles. So I packed it up and came home. I did pick up shirts from I Heart Guts and Boy Girl Party. Now I know how it feels for the crowds at Comic Con. I much perfer to be on the inside of a booth.


Jenny Lerew said...

Gosh I really wanted to go...I haven't been to a single Felt Club event, and not to a crafty thing since Bizarre Bazaar about 2 years ago(or was it longer?).

But instead I'm at work on a Sunday--real work. Shucks. At least there's air conditioning.

Say, I think I and some of my work pals are going to the CCon on Thursday this year, assuming we succeed in getting the day off. I just can't stomach another Saturday Con trip! Hope I see you there.

Dan Goodsell said...

well I hope to see you at comic con!