Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Supermarket Images

Right now I am thinking about a series of paintings dealing with supermarkets so I dug through my slides and found some nice old images. The scans are not great but still fun stuff. Also, I think the first two are from 1950's and the rest from some time in the 1970's and I have no idea what stores.

Health Aisle

Butcher Shop

Supermarket Oranges



Raisin Aisle

Meat Counter

Fruit Section



Grocery Bagger


Anonymous said...

I could have sworn, or, maybe I should have sworn that I was here earlier and left a comment about how awesome I thought these images were. Hmmmm? Maybe not? Where does my mind go sometimes...?

I love the produce section. I think I may do an entire book on images of the produce section in the grocery, whatya' think Goody? Can I call ya' Goody?


Dan Goodsell said...

it is christmas time so we are all loing our minds.....

Anonymous said...

I love the food-o-mat as shown here:

and here