Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Today we just have a few bits and pieces that I ran across while digging in boxes looking for stuff. Just the kind of graphic tidbits I love to collect.

1960's Martian ashtray

Japan Tin Litho whistles

Mister Softee Club Membership Card

Smaxey Seal button

Swift's Meat for Juniors label


pilgrimchick said...

When I was in England, collectors were nuts about this kind of stuff. People picked it up at "car boot sales" (which are like collective garage sales), in shops, etc., and then sold it all for amazing amounts of money. I don't know how popular it is to do that here in the US, though.

K_tigress said...

I love your collection. Very cool. Oh and I have these wooden parrot earrings that look like that parrot thing that you have.
I also have this Dig m Frog vintage iron on patch in mint condition that I found under my desk one day. I think I lost it when I was a child. I think its some time from either late 70's early 80's. Do you think it’s worth any thing?

Dan Goodsell said...

yeah Dig Em stuff is not too collectible unfortunatly, might be worth a couple bucks

K_tigress said...

Oh well that's ok, but it’s nice to know.
I’ll still keep it for the memories and any thing else that I like the look of.
Always good to collect things that you actually like.

Anonymous said...

This stuff is just awesome...I hope there is a lot more where that came from and that you aren't planning on getting rid of it. Those are things to be handed down with a story to boot right a long side. I dig it, my FAV is the SMAXEY PIN later...