Monday, April 24, 2006

Matchbox Car Cereal Offers

From 1968 to 1970, Quaker cereal teamed up with Matchbox to offer mailaway diecast cars. In 1968, you could choose between 6 vehicles including a Ford Mustang and Greyhound Coach. The 1969 you had 6 new choices including Ford GT Racer and a Merc Police car. By 1970, each different Quaker cereal had a different vehicle you could order including the King Size Pipe Truck on Cruchberries. By 1972, Matchbox was out and Marx was in with an offer for their Elecrtic Lightrucks.


Tom Gill said...

Wow, I've got that Greyhound bus shown on the Life cereal box.(or one very similar) I used to "race" it on my Hotwheels tracks. I totally fogot about that bus until I saw it on the box.

Guess I'll be hunting for it tonight!

Anonymous said...

I have the "Tipper Truck". I too will be looking for mine tonight.

Apparently I have nothing better to do. What am I saying? It'll be the best thing I've done all day!

I've got to give my mom credit for being cool about buying all that cereal, and helping me collect the box tops for this stuff.

Go mom.

Dan Goodsell said...

hurrah to all moms that let their children buy too much sugary cereal - I ended up making a living based on it....