Monday, July 26, 2010

Comic Con Wrap Up

Devil Bacon

Well Comic Con 2010 is now just a memory, one long blurry, fun memory. Thanks to all the great Mr Toast fans, old and new how came by and said hello. I had a number of great talks with people, got to meet the creators of Hoops & YoYo, chatted with Paul Frank (one of my original inspirations) and got to meet Morgan Spurlock, who is making a documentary and Comic Con and told me he would give all us nerds a fair shake.

We sold a ton of Mr Toast stuff and a lot of the Devil Shaky Bacons but I still have a few left. If anyone needs one, they are $10 + shipping. Send me an email at, if you want to get one.


Toasterchild said...

Ever think about doing a plush Devil(ed) Egg to keep him company?

Dan Goodsell said...

one of these days - I have a few other new dolls on the way,,,,,