Sunday, January 06, 2008

Mr Toast's USA Tour - Indiana

Stopped by the new Bass Pro Shop in Portage, Indiana to get ready for my Indiana trip. Hey this vehicle looks like fun!

Clem, Joe and Shaky tell me Fish Lake is a great lake to swim in in the summer. They spend all day in the sun and water, but It's way too cold for that today. In a few weeks, we can go ice fishing!

Now hold still for a quick photo, Mr. Toast.......


Mr. Toast couldn't resist diving into the fresh snow!

Are we there yet?

Mr. Toast is all excited about this road trip. Here he is approaching Indianapolis.

No trip to Indianapolis would be complete without a stop at the Waffle House! This one is the closest Waffle House to LaPorte - it was a 3 hour drive, but worth it!

I wonder why I'm the only one here at Mt. Baldy today? Doesn't anyone else want to climb to the top of the 125 foot sand dune in 16 degree weather?

We managed to climb over the dune and get to the beach. What a beautiful morning on the Lake Michigan shore.

Mr. Toast wanted to enjoy the beach at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, but it was a bit too cold.

A super cold morning on the shore of Lake Michigan - only 14 degrees!

Here's a great place to start a campfire...I found some wood.

Even in the bitter cold, the Michigan City Lighthouse looks great in the morning sun. Mr. Toast is sitting on a column for the catwalk that leads to the lighthouse. The keepers used this to keep dry when the waves were high.

We had to stop at the Door Prairie barn in LaPorte, Indiana. It's a very rare 9 sided horse barn that was built in 1882- and it's still in great shape!


Mr. toast wanted to check out Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana. This is the famous "Touchdown Jesus" that can be seen in the distance when Notre Dame scores a touchdown or field goal.

Just checking out the Christmas lights.

There sure were a lot of these little wooden guys around this house! It was nice to spend some time with guys from all over the world.

Wow! I've never seen a nutcracker so tall!

Christmas means spending time with friends and family, and Mr. Toast was able to meet up with Shaky Bacon, Joe the Egg and Clem Lemon. Here they are by the fire warming up after spending time in the snow.

Mr. Toast and friends singing carols by the piano on Christmas Eve.


Patrick Owsley said...

Great to see Mr. Toast in my home town...Michigan City, IN!

MWD said...

Waffle House and Mr. Toast united is the ultimate pairing!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Mr toast didn't get confused with the breakfast food :)