Monday, November 26, 2007

Kids Food

Oompas & Super SkrunchScrumdidlyuptiousTopps Bugs BUnny Tattoo boxLifesavers Sweet Story BooksJoe Palooka CookiesPac Man Ice Cream boxKellogg's Variety Pack


Dave said...

That Kellogg's Variety Pack brings back a lot of memories. I used to ask for those about once a month, and usually got them. Unfortunately I almost lost out when i at first refused to eat the Corn Flakes. Hate 'em to this day. Sugar Pops. How Unhealthy of


K_tigress said...

LOL and I bet the Variety Pack is still edible too.

Oh and I agree about the Corn Flakes too. That and the Frosted flakes. It was just glorified corn flakes.

Jason said...

Excellent! I can still easily call to mind the closing "jingle" of the Willy Wonka commercials (a chorus of kids shouting "OOMPAS AND SUPER SKRUNCH! SUPER SKRUNCH AND OOMPAS!" followed by a (pre) Pac-Man-esque gobbling "WonkaWonkaWonkaWonka" sound).

Now if only I could somehow taste a "super skrunch" again.