Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hanna-Barbera Land

Who remembers Hanna-Barbera Land? Bruce Bushman was hired at some point in the late 60's or early 70's to do some concept drawings for a possible Hanna-Barbera Land. These were recently auctioned on ebay by the Howard Lowery Gallery. It is pretty amazing to see a Flintstones Freeway, a ride based around Space Ghost and even a Winsome Witch Haunted House.

Other parks may have had Hanna Barbera areas but we are yet to see a full blown HB park. Maybe someday.


Anonymous said...

Cool find! Those are some interesting concept drawings.

Brian said...

Thanks for posting, those a cool.

There was Hanna-Barbera land at Kings Island, but most of it is gone except for the Scooby Doo dark ride.

When I was a kid and visited KI, I didn't go into the "Enchanted Voyage" boat ride with the HB characters and every once in a while I search the web for any clues of what was inside.


B said...

Very cool find...

I can also attest to the Kings Island past Hanna-Barbera land. It's entrance was marked by a rainbow-arc that you walked through.

The previously mentioned boat ride was just an animatronic journey through many Hanna-Barbera characters and fantastical worlds. I was too young to remember real specifics, but I did enjoy them.

I have a picture of myself and sister in Hanna-Barbera Land with Huckleberry hound that if I can find soon, I'll post a link to it here...

K_tigress said...

Actually when I was little sometime in the 80's Wonderland in Toronto had a HB theme. I remember there was lots of Flintstones stuff and other HB things. Don't know what its like now since haven't been there since.
I know that Paramount owns it so they probably have Star trek themed stuff now.

JM said...

Yeah, Canada's Wonderland had Hanna-Barbera Land that looked quite a lot like these sketches (though it was hardly as epic as the Jetsons sketches). Now since Paramount bought the park, the area has been redesigned into Nickelodeon-branded fun, but the original park had a Bedrock area that looked like the drawing here -- all the buildings looked right out of the Flintstones, with bumper cars and dino-burger stands; Smurf Village including a funhouse that was supposed to be Gargamel's shack. The only HB stuff that remains is the Scooby-themed Ghoster Coaster, but I think it may have been stripped of any references to the cartoon, too.

Ed South said...

Very Cool! I would eat my weight in BrontoBurgers for a chance to ride that Flintstones Freeway ride!

Not only were there Hanna-Barbera Land's at Kings Island and Canada's Wonderland, there was only one at Kings Dominion in Richmond, VA and Carolwinds in NC/SC. I grew up near Kings Dominion, and have blogged about it quite a few times on my page! They used to have a walk-thru called YOGI'S CAVE and a great ride called SMURF MOUNTAIN. Paramount killed off most of the HB stuff in favor of their own Nickelodeon stuff....the parks were sold last year to Cedar Fair so it should be interesting to see what happens in the future.

Kings Dominion used to have the parking lot rows identified with HB characters like Winsom Witch, the Hair Bair Bunch, and other great characters!

Netizen Kane said...

Thanks for posting these - great fun to look and wonder what might have been. As a kid growing up in southern Ohio, a summer trip to King's Island was almost more excitement than I could handle. It was particularly a treat for someone as Scooby-obsessed as I was, because the gift shops carried a million items you never saw anywhere else. It's hard to imagine, but 25 years ago, there were only a handful of Scooby-branded items available outside King's Island. Now you can't swing a dead cat and not hit a piece of branded merchandise.

BTW, the Scooby coaster in HB land at KI (such as it was, and it wasn't anything like this) were called the Red and Blue Racers. Quintessential wood-frame roller coaster with twin tracks; the two cars riding next to each other were, naturally, red and blue. I think they renamed/reconfigured it sometime in the '80s, but we'd moved out of state by then.

Also - I would guess these concepts are from mid-to-late 60s, given the absence of Scooby and the gang, which premiered in '69. Just a guess. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hanna Barberaland still exists.

At least part of it does.

Google Canada's Wonderland.

We even had a Smurf cave once.

Then Paramount Bought it, and even though Viacom had HB, we lost most of Hanna Barberaland. Its almost all Scooby Doo stuff now. I don't think they could rebrand the Ghoster Coaster, since its all built up around Scooby stuff.

Erin said...

There was a Hanna-Barbera Land in Spring, TX North of Houston from 1984-1985. I have a Season Pass from there on my bulletin board from when I was 5. I loved it there. If you search Wikipedia it has a blurb about it.

Anonymous said...

actually there was a hanna barbera land in spring texas
from 1984-1985, closed down and is now splashtown.

I went there when i was a wheeeee little baby

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