Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Art of Sara Varon

I love the work of Sara Varon. She lives in New York and draws robots, racoons, snowmen and turtles and other many more cool characters. Many of her stories are wordless but not to a fault. Some of the best parts of life are not filled with words, those are the special moments she captures.

Sweaterweather is great because it is filled with stories and cutouts and fun stuff. Chicken and Cat is her children's book, all about friendship and nature and life. She also does incredible printed postcards (the robot one is in metallic ink!). Look for her new graphic novel (208 pages) sometime at the end of the year. Hooray.

Sweaterweather by Sara VaronSweaterweather by Sara VaronSweaterweather Art by Sara VaronChicken & Cat by Sara VaronSara Varon postcardsSara Varon art


Anonymous said...

thanks for intro to Sara Varon! Excellent work! It'll make the perfect gift for my neice's 5th B-day in June.
- Michael D

Anonymous said...

She's got:

A new book coming out? I'll definitely be "on the lookout!"