Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Good & Plenty Goodies

Good & Plenty are one of my favorite candies and Choo Choo Charlie is one of the coolest ad characters. So I have always been on the look out for stuff related to it. I have dug up ads, boxes, premiums and they even put out a Choo Choo Charlie comic (which oddly has no mention of the candy). Good & Plenty was such a popular candy that the Just Born company tried their own verson called Jack & Jill. And you can't go wrong with the black, white and pink color scheme.

1949 Good & Plenty adOodle Talk ad

Harmonica Offer

Oodle box backs

Early Good & Plenty box

Good & Plenty candy boxes

Charlie Tote Bags offerChoo Choo Charlie comic

Jack & Jill candy box


Anonymous said...

Good Lord, I hate that candy...

But, on a side note -
Have you ever seen the Choo Choo Charlie vinyl ad figure? I used to be a serious collector of advertising character/icon figural items/toys, and I've only seen two of them. It was extremely rare; one of the ad figures that most collectors had on their very short want lists!

Daveland said...

Dan - Any chance you have a Good & Fruity box to post? Those were my faves growing up! And have you ever heard of Screaming Yellow Zonkers?

Dan Goodsell said...

how can you hate Good & Plenty, they are the best - yeah I would love to find the Choo Choo Charlie ad figure, its a tough one

I ahve a Good & Fruity box some where...I just bought a big collection of SYZonkers boxes in December - I posted a couple pics here


there are a couple more boxes on my website

Waffle Whiffer [Brandon] said...

I remember a Choo-Choo Charlie plastic whistle, too.

Good stuff, Dan!

Daveland said...

Thanks Dan! My dad used to work at a Philly Radio Station and would bring home CASES of SYZ; haven't had 'em in years but i sure do remember what they tasted like!

Julia said...

Good & Plenty's are the best! Love your collection.

Devlin Thompson said...

You know, that CHOO-CHOO CHARLIE comic is written by John Stanley, of LITTLE LULU fame. It's actually one of the last few comics he did...offhand I can't think of anything after this except for O.G. WHIZ. When I got it some years ago, I knew he was a mascot for something, but I didn't know what.

JackFrost said...

Good and Plentys are so addictive, yet many people oddly find them revolting. I forgot about Choo Choo Charlie!