Monday, March 06, 2006

Ton O Gum & Candy Graphics

A couple years ago I collected together all of our gum and candy items and digitally shot them. Here are a few of my favorites including an incredible Fruit Stripe ad with one of my favorite graphics of all time.


Matterhorn1959 said...

I like the primitive look of the Super Grape candy.

Dan Goodsell said...

yeah that is a box from Canada, I dont think it made it ot the US. Ton O Gum is a US product but I think it was also very popular in Canada.

Anonymous said...

I think "Shake and Blow" is right up there with the all time worst product names.

Anonymous said...

I'd forgotten all about Fruit Stripe, until now. Thanks!

Spoke said...

I was just chatting with a co-worker about Ton O Gum. He hadn't heard of it. I thought I'd blog about and found your post.

Anonymous said...

I saw your ton 'o' gum pic and immediately copied it and emailed to some of friends. Man, I think I'm gonna put it on our bands myspace ( by the way. How did you get the package in such mint condition?
I remember when it first came out as a huge slab and then the gum piece got smaller and smaller until they stopped selling it. And I didn't even know there was a Ton 'o' Grape Gum. Yes, this is a day of deep learning.
I've got some other cool wrappers I should send to you...a Kojak lollypop wrapper with Telly Sevalis's bald head, various old Caramilk wrappers, a liquid 4 flavours. I'd love to get a bar 6 wrapper (remember the orange one). I'm blabbing too much here but thanks for posting your pic. It's fantastic!!!
Scott Cryer

Anonymous said...

Wow! For some reason I just remembered buying Ton 'o' Gum at my neighbourhood corner store, and had to go looking for the package cover. I remeber buying three or four packs at a time and cramming them all into my mouth.

As a kid, gum was the first thing I went for when I was buying candy. I also remember Ton 'o' Gum Grape, too! Dee-licious!

It was very popular with me and my friends in 1976, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Anonymous said...