Friday, June 02, 2006

Striking Images

Chronicle Books has just published a new book of vintage matchcover art by Monte Beauchamp (editor of Blab). This incredible book has over 500 images and does a great job giving a visual overview of the style & printing of these little treasures. In honor of the book I scanned a few things from my collection.



Anonymous said...

Argh! Just what I don't need ... another book to buy. I love the graphics of the old matchcovers. Did I say I am a graphic artist?

Anonymous said...

I have a sad story on this topic: When I was much younger (about 31 yrs ago), I bought a large collection of full matchbooks, each book containing all of their matches. The vintage was about the same as yours. The collection filled a 2 gallon jar which I stored away in an unused kitchen cabinet at my parents house. My dad, an avid smoker, discovered my trove and proceeded to grab one whenever he needed a light. I had no idea he was doing this till a few years later when I discovered the empty jar, still tucked away. I do not hold a grudge or anything because they were just matches to my dad.