Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mr Toast as Doctor Who

Mr Toast as Doctor Who


Erika M. said...

My favorite show in a brand new mr toast version!!! Wonderful!

K_tigress said...

Haha. Cute stuff. :D

William said...

I can't believe he has Mr Toast too! This is too cool! :)

Dizzythecat said...

My young boy Henry (four) and old me (fourty-eight) am so glad you're busy but WANT MORE CONTENT and we want it NOW.
Please advise.
Sorry for shouting

Dan Goodsell said...

Right now Mr Toast is a one man show. I have to balance Content with Product with Promotion with Surviving.

For six years I did the webcomic and then I sort of burnt out. Right now I am trying to figure out what the next stage can be and trying to find the right entity to help make that come true.

I would love to be sitting around the house creating fun content but that does not pay the bills. But look for a new book early next year, I am far from done.