Monday, May 17, 2010

Twilight Zone Show

To Serve Man

Gallery 1988 is presenting Another Dimension, an art show dedicated to the Twilight Zone. The show opens Thrusday, May 20th for 7-10 PM and runs until June 4th. I had to go with the classic episode To Serve Man, and who better to serve man, then Shaky Bacon.


Toasterchild said...

This is our favorite episode. We even have the Kanamit doll.

"It's a COOKBOOK!!!!!"

Unknown said...

Shakey Bacon is the reason I have to look at everybody take off their shoes at the airport.
Shakey Bacon wants to raise my taxes.
Shakey Bacon made Paul and John fight. A lot.
I hate you, Shakey Bacon.

Scott said...

Next time they have a TZ marathon and I see this episode, I'll be picturing Shaky Bacon the whole time. Great piece!