Monday, March 02, 2009

Wondercon 2009

Wondercon '09

Well Wondercon was real nice. The show was crowded and it was a good mix of people who knew Mr Toast and people that were seeing him for the first time. Got to spend some time with old friends like Andrew and Chi of Old Man Musings and a sneak peak at some of Michael Fleming's art for our upcoming show. I got to see Camilla d'Errico and she showed me a sample of her upcoming toy (don't miss this one). Also got to meet the super cool Mike Mignola and his daughter Katie. Many of my favorites sellers were at the show including Conduct Happiness, Spicy Brown and I Heart Guts.

It was fun seeing people pick up and thumb through the new Mr Toast book Kaleidoscope. So the first big show of the year is done and now I have to get ready for my art show in less then 2 weeks......

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