Saturday, May 03, 2008

Pals Vitamins & Soaps

Pals Vitamins w/ free SoapBath PalsPals VItamins Sopas


Anonymous said...

"We're your Pals,
Pals are we,
In your bath menagerie"

I haven't thought about that jingle in years. Do you have the matching Pals Vitamins?

Thanks for posting.

-Katella Gate

Anonymous said...

Opps, and so you do. The grey sludge in the bottle I suppose is what's left of the vitamins. As a consolation, the pill shapes were identical to the soaps.


H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

When I saw this heading, I had a feeling it was this soap. I got this soap as a birthday or Christmas gift when I was a little girl.

I don't remember if I had the vitamins, though.

Anonymous said...

I would think that:

Mistaking the one for the other could lead to difficulties.


Anonymous said...

I had these soaps!! I can still remember what they smelled like. I also took the vitamins AND had the cardboard clubhouse! Used to love playing in there.


Anonymous said...

My friend and I used to sing this to each other when we were little, but we remembered the jingle as "We are pals, pals are we. Vitamin, vitamin, vitamin C!" Did we make that up, or was that also part of the jingle?

Anonymous said...

As I recall, they ended in a pun with "in your Vita-menagerie".

MayIbeexcused said...

I think that have a story book someplace and a Pals certificate of some type.

ttanks said...

brett, its tom St Cyrils 69

Anonymous said...

I've posted a vintage Pals' Vitamin Club Member patch for sale on eBay if anyone is interested!