Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mr Toast T-Shirts

I have been making t-shirts for almost 5 years. It all began because my friend Steve would make shirts every christmas and give them away. It was fairly inexpensive and easy to have done in small quantities. My first shirt was "Mr Toast Tours" and I probably only had 24 made. They were done in June of 2002 and given away to friends.

As time went by I kept doing more shirts and tried to get them in stores and sold them online. Eventually when I started setting up at some shows I found that was the best way to sell my shirts.

Since all of my shirts were done in very small amounts, most of them are sold out. In all I have done 19 designs. Right now I am planning 3-4 more including one of Shaky Bacon. Look for the new designs at San Diego Comic Con in July.

Smiling Sun shirt designShutterbug shirt designMonster Sno-Cone shirt designMr Toast Peace shirt designMeet Mr Toast shirt designDrunken Carrot shirt designSpooky shirt designUFO shirt designSr Cork shirt designIW Picture Books shirt designCelery Stalks shirt designTales of Mr Toast shirt designJoe the Egg shirt designBlah Blah Blah shirt designOuter Space shirt designMr Toast shirt designSoda Lab Technician shirt designLemon Bros. Markets shirt design


JONATHAN said...

Do you mind if I ask how you print your t-shirt designs? Do you screen print them yourself? Iron-on graphics?

Dan Goodsell said...

these ones were all screenprint. I did a few iron on ones before but screenprints are much nicer

Anonymous said...

I love that one of the sun!

VERY cool.

Is that one you'll be doing?

- Michael D

mathew said...

i love the blah blah blah t-shirt. definitely my favorite of the [already great] bunch

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...


Others of my kind.

How long I have walked the Dough Plains alone, mistakenly believing that I was The Last Slice - as it was written in the Yeast Oracle.

What a relief.

Anonymous said...

Could i order some thirts from you? email me at: