Thursday, October 05, 2006

Nauga Memories

As a kid growing up in Costa Mesa, we had two primary donut shop choices, Winchell's & DK's. Both were on 17th street and although Winchell's ran some cool promotions around Halloween, we always seemed to end up at DK's. DK's Donuts was just a little place that had a lot of glass in the front, real classic 60's architecture, with no indoor seating. But connected to it was another store where they did upholstery and in the chair in the window sat a Nauga Monster. I only really remember going their in the morning so the upholstery shop was never open. So i don't think we ever bought one of the Naugas.

Fast forward to years later, walking around the flea market and I spotted a Naugha and all those childhood memories came back. Luckily this was years ago and I think I paid $10 for him. I took him home and loved him. So I started to collect some Nauga stuff but not really the dolls, I liked the odder stuff related to Naugha advertising. The one doll I wanted was the sparkle one and my friend Randy at Tikiranch was cool enough to sell me one a few years ago. Other great items I have in my collection are a store sign, some ads, a photo with Johnny Carson and even a bank taht was made to look like the Naugha (I doubt this one was sanctioned by the Naughahyde people). I am not sure what makes him such a great character perhaps it is a case of simplicty being perfection.

Nauga Shop sign

Nauga Bank

Naugahyde Coffee Mug

Johnny Carson & Nauga


Anonymous said...

Dang! I had no idea you were so close to my home town!
I was raised in Escondido--- not 40 miles from your old stomping grounds...
I haven't been back to the San Diego area in many, many moons-- how goes it?

Anonymous said...

The white Nauga has some of the same visual qualities as the abominable snowman from the Rankin Bass Rudolph Christmas special. Must be the teeth.

Todd Franklin said...

That's an amazing collection of cool Nauga stuff! I first discovered Nauga in the pages of Toy Shop.

Anonymous said...

The best donuts are still at Oh Those Donuts! on Newport Boulevard, I think. Nowadays they not only have sandwiches but free wi-fi, and they're still open 24 hours.

I have some nostalgia for Winchell's just from my childhood like you. I always got one after I had a shot at the doctor.


Anonymous said...


I'm speechless.

- Michael Duggan

Anonymous said...

Cool critter collection!! :-)

I am from New England and Dunkin Donuts rules! ;-)

Chris N. said...

I LOVE that Nauga mug! The last time I saw one of the Nauga dolls was at an antique show up here in Northern California, and they wanted $100 for it.

I might've bought it at $50.

Nice Friday post, Dan.


Anonymous said...

That made my horrible day.. thanks Dan!

PS-pick up one for me next time! ;)


Anonymous said...

I have about 23 naugas and two more on the way. I have lots of great naugahyde stuff, but no sign. I am truly jealous. Let me know if you ever want to sell.

Dan Goodsell said...

send me an email - maybe I would sell

Anonymous said...

Dan- wow!I had no Idea you had replied. Do you still have the Nauga sign? Here is my email:

Hope to hear from you!!

Anonymous said...

I had to reply as anonymous, I couldn't remember my login? Blog-in? whichever. Thanks, man!-dustin