Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Antarctica on Threadless

I have another t-shirt design on Threadless. The last one of the Donut King on the Food Pyramid scored 2.22 which is pretty good but probably not high enough to be printed. This shirt graphic came from a painting I did on an old Atlas page.




Anonymous said...

I'd like it better if it said coolest instead of coldest

Anonymous said...

coldest is funnier. coolest is too junior's market/pac sun/paul frank. weak.

anyway, what i was meaning to post is that you should skip threadless altogether. produce the shirt yourself. on threadless you have to rely on people who don't even know you or your work to begin with in order to vote on whether or not your design is 'cool' enough for them. why rely on them, when you've already got a built-in fan base, familiar with your work and sense of humor. you could easily sell plenty of them via your blog, first of all. and you could sell another decent amount through those vendors that already sell your Mr. Toast books/dolls/etc. I'm sure there would be other online shops that would love to carry some of this stuff, and that would reach those people not already part of your audience.

i say SCREW threadless. you'll make a better profit margin, even by printing locally in LA.

Dan Goodsell said...

I actually do my own shirts but the ones I do are all Mr Toast related. I am doing the designs for Threadless more just for fun and to generate interest in my artwork. It would be fun to have one printed by them because of the exposture but I am not sure my design esthetic will ever satisfy the Threadless crowd.

Anonymous said...

I can understand that. The exposure would be good, I suppose. But yeah, I agree-- not sure your work is ironic or cynical, or overused-graphic-design-cliche enough for the Threadless crowd.

irisz said...

really nice works! great!

Anonymous said...

"Coldest" is clearly more interesting than "coolest". Don't give in to the Threadless philestines. They know not of what they speak!