Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fairytale Town

A couple years ago I bought a huge collection of slides and negatives. Most were of Disneyland but also in there were some Santa's Village pics and these two Fairytale Town images. One of the cool things about this collection is that the guy had his daughter in a lot of the shots. You can actually see her growing up in the photos. Kind of strange.

Fairytale Town is still going strong up in Sacramento, CA. FOr more info please visit their site - Fairytale Town.


JAM said...

I really enjoy your blog/site. But I have to say that I never considered that you could buy someone's slides and negatives. It seems kinda strange, but cool too.

I was given what slides my parents took of us as kids, and this year started scanning them into digital form. Included though, are some of what I call 'bought' slides like you once were able to buy at tourist spots. I have some of Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO; Weekee Watchee Springs near Tampa; and Six Gun Territory which is long gone and was near Ocala. I've been trying to Photoshop these guys because they are all either faded or color shifted. It's a blast to bring these slides back to life, if only in digital form.

Again, like your blog. This was an interesting post.

Dan Goodsell said...

Lots of stuff that ends up at flea markets and on ebay gets there when someone dies. This leads to family photos and scrapbooks being sold. So make sure you know where your family photos are and that they arent just sitting in a relative's garage waiting to disappear.

Ani said...

We just took our two year old daughter to Fairytale Town a few weeks back. It was my first time there but my hubby had been when he was a kid. It was amazing for all of us: hubby reminisced, I was in awe of the retro-ness, and our daughter...well, suffice to say, we all loved it!

I've only just recently found your blog but always loved your Imaginary World and Tick Tock Toy sites.

Dan Goodsell said...

thanks - more kids park stuff to come