Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Twinkles Art

Twinkles Cereal Box art

I am always amazed at the stuff that turns up on ebay. This is the art for the front, back and story pages of a great 1960-1 Twinkles cereal box. Twinkles was an incredible cereal because instead of having premiums inside, each box was like a comic book with a fold out page on the back. They changed the boxes frequently and were all fully painted. They ended up producing almost 50 boxes before abandoning the idea and going to a more conventional box design.

So it was quite a treat when this art and an original unused box turned up on ebay. It ended up costing a bit but I doubt I will ever have a shot at another. To see more Twinkles boxes check out a gallery of them on my website - TWINKLES GALLERY.

Twinkles Cereal Box artTwinkles Cereal Box


SteveLambe said...

What a find, Dan! Does it say who the painter was? I always assumed they were done by Mel Crawford, but I could be way off.

Dan Goodsell said...

No there is no info on the artist. But Mel Crawford is probably a pretty good guess

Anonymous said...

Holy moly. Wow, Dan!

rawlyn said...

so glad i stumbled upon this blog! i use Krazy Kids Food so much at work for inspiration the pages are falling out... im glad to have found an online version of the fun!

Anonymous said...

what a find!

Jeffrey said...

Of interest: