Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mr Toast's USA Tour - Pennsylvania

Well hello Mr. Toast! Welcome to the Hacienda! Come on in and make yourself comfortable .

Mr. Toast poses with Rigby, who looks an awful lot like his pal Newshound.

Mr Toast was surprised to see his old pal Newshound, but it made the Hacienda feel like home.

Mr. Toast is excited to try out small town life in Phoenixville PA.

The G. Lodge is one of the local faves for breakfast Mr. Toast, you must try the hash browns.

Mr. Toast is introduced to an alleged delicacy of the region, scrapple. Beware the meat toast!

Mr. Toast was excited to know that the G. Lodge restaurant was temporarily renamed the Filbert for the M.Night Shyamalan movie The Happening. Today was the last day this sign was going to be up, so Mr. Toast will have to look for it in the film next year!

Mr. Toast loves to find old things at garage sales. but what to do with it all?

Mr. Toast was amazed at how big Valley Forge National Park was.

Mr. Toast is mightily impressed that Washington and his men stayed here in the dead of winter.

Mr Toast and General Wayne- would this make it Wayne's World? Party on!

Mr. Toast just can't get enough of the historic statues!

Mr. Toast reflected a moment at the statue commemorating all of the mothers who had lost sons and daughters to war. Sigh.

Mr. Toast is excited to see what Lancaster county is all about- maybe we'll see Amish!

See, Mr. Toast, these are hex signs. Do you have a barn we could put one on?

The real Amish don't like it when you take their picture, so these faux plain people were kind enough to pose for us.

Mr Toast enjoyed his sample of shoo fly pie- very sweet!

Mr. Toast got overwhelmed by the trivet selection - could he maybe get one of each?

Mr. Toast thinks that fall comes early on the east coast. Alas, it does.

"These are more my size", says Mr. Toast.

Mr. Toast says it's always fun to stop and pick up a box of free stuff on the side of the road. The Iron will make a good doorstop, and boy these old cameras will be fun to check out!

Mr Toast was excited to find out that this was the theatre in the movie The Blob! He hopes to come back for Blobfest next year.

Better get some rest Mr. Toast, we've got another big day ahead of us!

Mr Toast decided to not even choose between Pat's and Ginos, and instead requested Jim's on South Street. He also appreciated the art deco decor, nice touch!

Mr Toast loves the fact that Whiz is considered a viable cheese option on your sandwich in Philly. He wasn't sure about the Whiz wit-out, or pizza steak, so he tried both. Yum!

Who can resist an Art museum? Not Mr. Toast! There's some really cool stuff inside-let's go check it out.

That Duchamp- he sure turned the word on end, didn't he!

Mr Toast feels like he's descending a staircase!

Mr. Toast isn't sure how he feels about Rothko, but this reminds him of the pillowcase he slept on last night.

Oh that Jasper Johns. What a silly guy!

Mr Toast likes visiting The City! Come again soon Mr. Toast, don't be a stranger!

Thanks Beth, Cliff and Rigby!


Kristen said...

Scrapple! Oh how I miss it! (I grew up in Delaware.)

Anonymous said...

im from this area and i LOVE the g lodge...valley forge is a fav place of mine and everything here is amazing! =)

Mark Secosh said...

Hi Mr. Toast, I guess great minds think alike. On Oct 17 & 18 in Berkeley will be the Premier Performance of my Toast Quartet for flute, bass clarinet, viola and bass -- the 3rd movement of which is entitled "Toast Descending a Staircase" based on the Duchamp painting. Lemme know if you're anywhere near Berkeley on that date. All the best, Mark

Mark Secosh said...

By the way, that quartet also includes "Toast Machine" based on James Brown's "Sex Machine" and "Toasters on the Nervion" which title reveals the true design concept behind Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Bilbao.