Sunday, May 20, 2007

Saturation Fun

Well I hung out at the Saturation Fest yesturday and it was quite fun. It is really nice to see a local art scene in full effect with random performance art, bike jousting, artwork hung on every surface and bands, bands and more bands. Made a few new Mr Toast fans and met a few that have known about him for quite a while. I got to meet Dave, who does 3D lenticular pictures (more on that later) and Melina Mena who does the great mini comic Sour Milk Sea.

And my art was in the basement!

DaveWild Animal Show bannerFlying Peanuts bannerThe Strongman bannerOctopus Show bannerSanta Claus bannerSuitcases

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Jo said...

U always make me smile with your pics, TY ^_^