Monday, May 21, 2007

70's Cereal

Robb of Planet Q magazine is starting work on a 1970's cereal box book. So I dug throught the archives and scanned some of my stuff. Here are a few of my favorites.

Froot Loops cereal boxFrosted Flakes cereal boxCrunch Berries cereal boxPeanut Butter Crunch cereal boxVanilly Crunch cereal boxVanilly Crunch cereal boxKing Vitamin cereal boxKing Vitamin cereal boxKing Vitamin cereal box


Robert Pope said...

Vannily Crunch left the WEIRDEST taste in your mouth...thanks for the wonderful post.

RightOnPeachtree said...

Awesome! I love this kind of stuff.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gawd! I had a collection of the Ecology Badges, and the Captn Crunch Wiggle figures. King Vitamin! What a blast from the past! LMAO! :-D

Waffle Whiffer said...

The Human King Vitaman always creeped me out.

Great seeing Wilma the Whale again!

Anonymous said...

Ack!!! It took me thirty years to get that King Vitaman song out of my head...NOW IT'S BACK!!!

o/` King Vitamannn...have breakfast with the kingggg....

Oh kill me now!

Anonymous said...

Why does the king look like the drill sargent from Full Metal Jacket.

Anonymous said...

Drill Sergeant!!???
That's USMC Drill Instructor, Maggot!

"I'm Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann, your Senior Drill Instructor. You WILL eat my cereal 'King Vitamin' or I will seriously F** you up! I will PT you until you DIE!"

somehow, I don't see that sales pitch working as well, but it would be funny to see.

ArtsyJen said...

The king is still a strange!!

Anonymous said...



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