Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Lemon Bros.

I have been working on a body of work about The Lemon Bros. Markets. The back story is about two Lemons, who were brothers, that started a grocery store. Eventually the two quarreled and the one brother left to live in the country. The business continued to grow until now when Lemonhead, the son of the lemon who stayed, is managing one of the stores. His cousin Clem Lemon, son of the brother who moved away, has come to the big city and is working for his cousin.

So this is all actually an excuse to do paintings of my characters in a Supermarket setting. Also it has led to a series of paintings that are product advertising posters. Some of these paintings are going in a show at the Nickelodeon Studios Gallery. Unfortunatly the Gallery is not open to the public. But I will take pictures of the installation. Then any of the paintings that are not sold there, will travel with me to the San Diego Comic Con where they will also be available for purchase (along with a million other things I am working on....).

Lemon Bros. MarketWe've Got IceCleanup on Aisle 7Dairy AisleChops 55 CentsPineappleCatch the Pepper TrainMilk AhoyWatermelonMedium EggsLimesOrange Juice


Jo said...

This story and the paintings about it are both lovely...(Awwww...I want those paintings!)

shrappy said...

I enjoy the pepper train one espeically

sroden said...

the paintings look unbelievable! ice, clean up, and limes... oh my!!!!!

Todd Franklin said...

These are amazing! Some of your best work!

eurotrash67 said...

sho 'nuff!

Anonymous said...



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