Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mr Toast's USA Tour - Texas - part 2

the largest ferris wheel in north america is just a couple miles south east of downtown dallas in fair park.

fair park is home to the state fair of texas. it boasts its own oil well! (located right up the road from where legendary british radio dj john peel had his first broadcast job.)

when the park was constructed in 1936 artist raoul josette designed some lovely sculptures. Could mr toast have been the model for this one?

in recent years the park has been restored and is now the largest park of art deco buildings in the world, and possibly the galaxy.

mr toast was happy to know that it was so easy to find fortune...

and adventure in one convenient place.

the tower building had to be destroyed and rebuilt.

it is authentically reproduced right down to the gold leaf on the mysterious symbols carved on the facade.

mr toast discovered that the spectacular tile front of the hall of state is cleverly covered with chicken wire to keep the birds from nesting on the sculpture. (you know how birds can be.)

you never know what you'll find in texas!

a little rest in the botanical gardens is always welcome.

the state fair of texas is the largest state fair in the us, so naturally the have a super midway. we were disappointed that it's only opened during the fair in the fall.

luckily, these oversized swans are not the least bit interested in bread products.

we enthusiastically discuss our plans to re-enact the ballet swan lake, but the swans are not interested in participating.

i can't tell you how disappointed we were to discover that the cotton bowl was not full of cotton balls.

it was sad helping mr toast pack and say good bye, but, i know he has more friends to make and adventures to have! up next the crescent city!

Big thanks to monkey for making this such a memorable time in Texas - Next up Louisiana!


Brook said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time in our great state. Hope you come back to visit soon!

Jo said...

Very funny :)

Leroy said...

Its fantastic to see Mr Toast enjoying Texas and having such fun with Monkey I wish he could have been there when we are visiting but we know how busy he is. Maybe we will see him in England one day.