Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Little Golden Books

Another thing I am always on the look out for are nice vintage Little Golden Books. I don't remember having them as a kid but but as an adult artist, I find great inspiration in them. Mary Blair, JP MIller, RIchard Scarry. Gustaf Tenggren, Alice & Martin Provensen are just a few of the many talented illustrators that Golden Books employed through the years.

Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books


sroden said...

who did that what if cover with the seal? it's BEAUTIFUL!

Dan Goodsell said...

JP MIller

Anonymous said...

I loved Little Golden Books as a child! Funny story~I actually found an ERROR in one of them when I was only 2 or 3? My Mom sent them the book, and told them about the mistake ( they had written something about a bicycle, but the picture was of a tricycle...). Anyway, they answered the letter, and sent me a bunch of free books in return! How cool is that?

Jenna :)