Friday, November 10, 2006

The Election is Over


Savage said...

Yeah! Not a bad outcome.

Anonymous said...

Mr Toast at Betsy Ross's house in Philadelphia!

Mass Bradley said...

Speaking as a Phormer Philadelphian---
I spent 10 glorious years living not two blocks from this building and spent untold hours telling herds of clueless tourists that this was NOT the "Betsy Ross House"-- i.e. ol' Betsy NEVER lived there, only MAYBE visited the place, and probably did NOT even sew the Darned Thing in the First Place!
All True.
But peeps wanna believe what they wanna believe...
(...and don't get this old crank even started on the commercial owners of this "Historical Site" because it is not sanctioned by the Nat'l Park Service and is considered a joke among natives in the know...)
Just to rain on your parade.

Dan Goodsell said...

I just cut the page out of an old mag. I make no claims about who lived there, I just think it is a cool old house with a neat flag.

Mass Bradley said...

Never mind.