Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Fall Leaf

I never get tired of painting leaves with faces.


Mass Bradley said...

Is There A Place where I can nominate you for Coolest National Online Treasure?
Because all of your stuff in Consistently Wonderful!
Keep It Up!

Anonymous said...

saw that you liked the great race! Blog some great race stuff

Temple of Thought said...

I like your style, nice picture.

Anonymous said...

Dear sir
i just discovered your site.

I want you in flatland!!!

I have already added your blog in my blog (

have a good luck so you can keep on going like that

asquare (Athens - Hellas)

Anonymous said...

At least the leaves keep optimistic in Autumn.

Anonymous said...

I like you. You are cool. Can you teach me to be cool like you?

And.. I want a Mr. Toast plush doll... Want to send me one... FOR FREE *gasp*

Anonymous said...

Fatigue acquired during the painting of leaves with faces may result from the following:

l. Uncorrected astigmatism

2. Rotting materials

3. Poor access to foreign leaves

4. Winter dig drudgery

5. Depression initiating activity

5. Unemployment

Dr. Anonymous X. Stubblefield
Creator of Straw George Clooney Likenesses

Anonymous said...

U R cool... Nice Blog.

Anonymous said...

Love the leaf faces, what a great idea to have children do when they are bored. I will have to remember that one.