Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Chief Indian Corn


Anonymous said...

i love it.
very nice work.

Michael Duggan said...


It's the sign of a great illustrator who can make you laff or smile without the use of a caption.

You did it again, Dan!

- Michael Duggan
P.S. Don't know if the Candy Corn are "regular's" or not but they should be.

Savage said...

If people smoke the peace pipe, they stop arguing and fighting. Great work Dan!

lapstrake said...

Candy corn, nature's perfect food!! And they're in season!

Love the candy corn series (I hope it's a series).

There's no better combination than regular candy corn and spanish peanuts.

Your paintings are making me crave that combination!

Where are my car keys? I need to get some now!

apoetgirl said...

candy corn
is an american classic
need i say more

Anonymous said...

Sweet- I love candy corn and the thought of peace pipes-nice work!

Anonymous said...

Nice work, Candy corn is the way forward!