Sunday, May 10, 2009

Name the Candy Corn

Candy Corn doll

Candy Corn needs a proper name and I am asking for help. The less then creative name I am thinking about is Andy. But maybe you the blog reader can do better. Think of a name and post it in the comments section (put some way for me to contact you). If your name is picked you will get a Candy Corn prize package, including all 3 new Candy Corn dolls and a bunch of other fun stuff (value of prize over $50). Each person can suggest up to 3 names. I will decide next weekend and post the winning name on May 18th. And thanks for helping out.

Lil' Candy Corn


Malcolm said...

Jerry, or Jerome.
[Short for Jerome Kern(el)]

Still, by the way, enjoying your creative output, Dan!
Thanks again for your fine work.
All the best,

Anonymous said...

How about

Cornelius Corn

Captain Corn

Colonel Corn

Cheryl G in apple valley

AF said...


Robert said...

Corn Chewy!

Savage said...

What's wrong with Andy? As a kid, others would call me Andy Candy.

My other ideas are: Lamont, Sweets or Hal (short for Halloween).

Hannah Reader said...

King Corn
Clark Corn
Creamy Corn


Dizzy said...

Frucky Fructose!

The Widowmaker!

Maynard Maize!

Rosa said...

You could go the alliterative route with Casper or the strangely cannibalistic route with Nibbler or Nibbles.

But I like building on Cheryl G's suggestion and calling him Kernel Candy Corn.

~Sz said...


jedblau said...


Tre ('cause of his three colors, of course...)

Horny (sorta kidding...only sorta)

gwen said...

I have always liked CRON.

And to play off jedblau's:
Tres Corny. [geddit?]

Anonymous said...




mmm....and now I want some candy corn, heh.

Angry Bear said...

Ceecee or C.C.

Natalie k. said...

Not to be a kiss ass, but I think Andy is great. It's kind of "obvious." I think for all its creativity in the comic, the "real" imaginary world is actually a very normal place to those within it where its folks have names like Joe and Clem, with the occasional Shaky (in NJ we have people called "the Nose" and stuff like that, so it makes sense). No real wordplay or overt cleverness is needed. Just like a circle of friends in the real world. Our day to day lives may be fun or clever and ironic, but 99% the guys I know have standard issue names like “John” and “Mike.” He looks like an Andy – happens to be candy. Makes total sense.

Kenny said...

1. Carney

Didgeridoo said...

Maizey (since Maisy is already taken by the mouse) - or are you 100% set on Candy Corn being a male?

stylking said...

Yellow Five
Red Forty

Jeff Sparkman said...

Kernal Sanders (Sandy for short)
Doc Cranny (an anagram of candy corn)
Can-Do the Candy Corn (he's an optimist)

Dan Goodsell said...

wow - thanks everyone - you guys have alot of great ideas (and a few wonderfully crazy ones too)

Patrick M said...

i don't know, when i see him i'm thinking something European...

Pierot/Pierrot (because of the pointy head)



Anonymous said...

"Stanislaus The Forlorn,

Just a piece a' Candy Corn,..."

Luna said...

He looks like a bit like a traffic cone. You could call him Coney Andy Corn, or just Coney or Coney Andy.

Anonymous said...

Chicha (that sweet purplely drink you get in South American restaurants)
or on a completely different tangent
Holly (for Halloween)

senormedia said...

Charles Andrew Corn, but he goes by a diminutive of his middle name:
C. "Andy" Corn.

ray said...

Sir Dandy Andy Corn

Kavity Korn

Bo Amaizing

Anonymous said...

(1) Neo (short for Neopolitan) Corn.

(2) Chilly Corn Carni.

(3) A. "Mighty Oak" Corn

Jim Rash.

Anonymous said...

Dan, you've got me champing at the bit for the $50 Candy Corn Prize Package!

1) George the Candy Corn (named after the inventor of candy corn, George Renniger)

2) Renniger the Candy Corn (a more sophisticated name)

3) Isosceles the Candy Corn (he's perfectly shaped like the triangle)

Thank you!

sroden said...

klandy blorn... or even better "efiscas" which is the word verification on this comment... or efiscas kandiscas cornicus....

Anonymous said...


How about:


Dandy (rhymes with candy)

Fizzle (idk but its kinda cute!)

I really like Andy or Dandy.

Anonymous said...

1 L'il Plugggg

2 ArcherDanielsMidland Boy

3 Wedgie

Matterhorn1959 said...

How about George?



Malcolm said...

Willie (or Willy) Maize

Darryl Heine said...

How about Candy T. Corn?

Gabrielle said...


Because he's always sweet and always smiling.

or Rock Candy

Because he rocks. And he's candy.

Anonymous said...

One other:

Candy Cornwallis

wifflefan - at - gmail - dot - com

Todd Franklin said...

My Candy Corn name ideas -




amy beth said...

mr. iscosoles

Scott said...

Captain Ricky
King Stripey