Monday, May 25, 2009

The Beginning of a Wish

The Beginning of a Wish.


Brenda R said...

hi dan,

i just wanted to thank you & say how much i've enjoyed your site..
i have fried my eyes for several days going through your links
and flicker photos.. what a nostalgia trip!
i'm a socal native (long beach) so i love all the retro theme park stuff..
japanese deer park & the monsanto 'inner space' ride at disneyland..
and i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the 'users are losers'
anti-drug pamphlett from my local rexall drug store!!
i host gumbyland but also collect vintage halloween items, kid's meal prizes,
etc.. your site jogged so many memories..
(i think i still have my 'golden book of science for boys & girls' hidden away somewhere..)
one thing i thought surely i'd come across in your photos was a package of the old
3 layer lime jello that was recalled back in the late 60's/early 70's? it was my favorite,
but was yanked off the shelves.. too good to be true? possibly something unsafe in the
space age ingredients? haha..

well, thanks again.. and i love your art, especially the carrot & the candy corn..
found that i had one of your pix (the vampire carrot chasing the egg) saved in my stuff
before i ever even ran across your site..
to your continued success with mr toast & friends!



Dan Goodsell said...

Bren -

I am pretty sure that jello was called 1-2-3. I will try to post a picture on FLickr

glad you are enjoying my stuff


Brenda R said...

oh my gosh! & it's orange? hehe..
in '69 i could only ever get lime..
thanks for remembering the name.. i looked around online & there's actually a petition to try & bring this back.. + i found a recipe to simulate the effect that i can try..
thanks again!
now i'm heading over to purchase one of your vampire candy corn guys..

p.s. i lived right across the street from 'kiddieland'.. how cool to see pix..


Dan Goodsell said...

I think Jell-o has had that product on and off the shelves a few times - this version is more of a late 70's one.