Saturday, May 30, 2009

Halloween in May

Vampire BloodEvil TeethScar StufFace FurLover LipsHorrible HangnailHalloween Make-Up KitWitch Make-Up KitHalloween Make-Up KitsHorrible Hand


Fabien MORISSET said...

Thx so much for this unexpected page.
Thx also for your great book from Taschen with so many treasures I love to look at.
Please keep up the good work,

Dan Goodsell said...

You can always keep up with all my collections on my Flickr page and my website. Lots to look at.

It was a great pleasure doing Krazy Kids Food with Taschen. Someday we will hopefully get to do another book.

Bob Canada said...

I remember buying some Scar Stuff when I was a kid. If I remember right it was basically flesh colored wax with some cotton fibers mixed in.

I took it to school and made a big scar on my hand and tried to impress a girl with it. I'm not sure why I thought a big scar on my hand would impress her, but whatever. She didn't buy it though, since the big scar had never been there on my hand before that day.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Toasty Goodsell and thank you for your fantastic work! I'm actually looking for a name. . .Do you know who did the design and the drawings for the Imageeniring Halloween kits 1968 and early 70's, I couldn't find any informations.Would you help me?
Anyway, thanx and have a nice day!

Dan Goodsell said...

there is a nice little online documentary by Dan Roebuck about the history of Imagineering - but I don't think they say who did the designs

Anonymous said...

THANX!I've just watched it and, yes at 5.36 it says Gordon Something. . .Thank you!! Frede.