Saturday, December 03, 2005

Gorilla Milk

Gorilla Milk (click to see large)

Made by Pillsbury in 1968. The 6 packs inside did not have graphics on them but it also came out in individual packs that were full color.


Anonymous said...

My Mother used to buy this for me. I drank it for breakfast and as a suppliment after football practice when I was in High School. I can't believe I actually found something on this. This stuff was GREAT!! I wish it was still made. If it is and you know where I can find some, PLEASE let me know. Thanks. Mark Holub:

Anonymous said...

I used to drink this as well when was in college, I was driving a beer truck during the summer and woudl take some heat from the regular drivers for having gorilla milk. Used to drink it after baseball practise as well. Wish it was still made

Anonymous said...

I also used to drink this good tasting instant breakfast when I was in college-I remember using it as an excuse when well, shall we say love experiance was not going well--I said--"I guess I didn't have my gorilla milk today".

Unknown said...

My fiance and I used this product in the late 1960s and in the early 1970s. Today, in our family, the name lives on as we call many things "Gorilla Milk." For example, I often ask my wife to remind me to drink my Gorilla Milk after lunch. It is, in this instance, a high fiber content beverage.

imasiberian said...

I used to drink this at work when I worked at Xerox and the guys in the department used to ask "How do you milk a gorilla?" lol The chocolate flavor was great and it was my breakfast because I was always running late.

Kevin Killion said...

Wow, I remember this so well, and I even have an empty envelope from one! There was a commercial with a supposed gorilla listing the various flavors and the announcer translated:
"Neek toalah ney noop"
"Neek toalah ney noop"
"Neek toalah ney noop"
"Neek toalah ney noop bwall"
"Chocolate Malt"

Glad to see this page here!

Unknown said...

I have never been a breakfast person. This worried my mother to no end because this was the time when the 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day' push was on. I started with the Carnation Instant Breakfast but liked Gorilla Milk so much better and it was less expensive.
But I was picky...I only drank the chocolate flavors. Never liked any others.

Unknown said...

Uh! Gorilla milk. Is all that I really remember. Lol