Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mr Toast's USA Tour - Connecticut

Mr Toast arrived in Connecticut and is checking out the Sterling Memorial Library.

Let's visit Yale!

The Harkness Tower and Saybrook College.

Chilling out in the stairwell between Sterling and Bass libraries

Taking a break on a bench inside Calhoun College, the best residential college at Yale.

Inside the courtyard of Calhoun College

Mr Toast fits nicely into this napkin/salt/pepper holder in Morse College's dining hall

Hanging out with the Yale Precision Marching Band at a basketball game

Playing a bass drum

Yale versus Cornell. Man are those basketball players tall!

Mr Toast with YPMB manager Katie announcing what songs are to be played next.

Atop a siouxza (sousaphone) bell

Watching the cheerleaders

Go Yale!

Checking out the industrial toaster in Calhoun's dining hall

Noting Berkeley College's intramural schedule

The Tiffany stained glass in classroom 102 in Linsly-Chittenden Hall where the lectures for the History of Food and Cuisine are held.

Outside the Hartfod XL (formerly Civic Center) waiting to get into the Obama rally

The news media was at the rally in full force

So many people at a politcal rally the day before super Tuesday!

Change is in the air!

Before the Silliman College Salamanders

Helping to celebrate two birthdays!

The bust of John C. Calhoun

Attempting to make snow angels

Well the snow is piling up and that means it is time to leave Connecticut. Thanks Rosa for showing Mr Toast a great time.

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Cherish Hellfire said...

I must eat this Mr.Toast. Looks delish.