Thursday, February 28, 2008

Friends of Mr Toast - S. Britt

As part of my show at Monkeyhouse Toys, I thought it would be cool to ask some of my friends who are also illustrators to give their own personal treatment to my characters.

First up is S. Britt. I have admired Stephan Britt's art for years now and through the wonder of Flickr we have become friends. His work never ceases to amaze, the way he blends retro ideas with current illustration is amazing. And I can always tell I am looking at something he has done, it just has that special quality.


Aurore Damant said...

Hi! I love Mister Toast and all his friends. Nice blog! Thanks for sharing all this vintage artwork (I'm a big fan of Crazy Kids Food).

Anonymous said...

Delightful. Have a great opening!

Unknown said...

Happy opening Dan!
Wish we could be there!
Love the Britt illustration, but it is weeeeird to see Mr. Toast smiling that way!

melissac. said...

was at target this week, they're running a set of "vintage" style cereal boxes. they had wheaties, lucky charms, trix, golden grahams, and kix. i picked up a box of golden grahams. pretty fun!