Sunday, February 10, 2008

Flea Market Finds

I go to the flea market every weekend. This year it has been pretty light but today, the good stuff just kept coming out. I found a boxed set of Ed Roth stationary, the Frankenstein Hasbro board game and even a bag from Prehistoric Gardens. Perhaps the strangest thing found was a kids hat of Ludwig Von Drake. It was probably sold at Disneyland and when you squeeze the bill it sqeaks! Good stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Dan...your finds were unbelievable..a tin rocket, boxed and the Frankenstien game!! I vicariously live through your finds . Bill

Anonymous said...

Yes, the rocket is just fantastic! Congratulations on your finds.
Kind regards from a new fan (found you via Neil Gaiman's blog)
from Germany

chunky B said...

Wow, the flea markets here have nothing even remotely that cool. Beautiful stuff, congrats on the finds!