Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stories by Jake

Mr Toast and his Friends have a Halloween Party
by Jake Allins (age 7)

Once there was a toast. He lived in a toaster. He had lots of friends. They were Joe the Egg, Shaky Bacon, Lemon Head, Mr Glue, Leif, Muffin Baker and Inky. "Halloween is on the next day" said Mr Toast to his friends. "We need to buy the decorations" said Leif. Shaky Bacon said "I will go to the store and buy the decorations." "I will go to the other store and buy a pumpkin" said Mr GLue. "We will hand up the decorations said Mr Toast, Lemonhead, Joe the Egg and Inky.

Soon Shaky Bacon was back. He brought pumpkin decorations, ghost decorations and monster decorations. Mr Toast, Lemonhead, Joe the Egg and Inky hung up the decorations. Then came Leif with a pumpkin. Mr Toast, Lemonhead, Joe the Egg and Inky cut out Pirate Jake. Soon everything was ready.

The only thing they needed was candy. Inky remembered that they needed candy. He said "we need candy." Mr Toast said "I will go buy candy and Halloween bags." Soon Mr Toast came back. All the other toys had a sleepover at Mr Toast's house. Mr Toast had 10 beds at his house. All of them ate dinner. THey drank water. Then they read a story to each other. Then they fell asleep.

On the next morning Mr Toast woke up first. Then he woke up everyone else. He said "wake up everyone it's Halloween!" Then everyone else woke up very fast. They started dressing up. Then they went downstairs as fast as they could. They had breakfast fast too.

Then they went to wake up Mr Toast's neighbor. They opened the door. Everything was quiet. Then they tiptoed into the bedroom. Then they shouted "It's Halloween!" Then the neighbor woke up very fast. He started dressing up as fast as he could. Then he ran downstairs as fast as he could. Then he ate breakfast very fast. Then he ran out of his house into his car and into the store. He need to go to the store to buy the decorations. Then he came back home and hung up the decorations.

Then they bought a pumpkin. Then they cut out Joe the Egg. Then they bought candy. Then they went to the costume store. They bought costumes. Mr Toast got a candle costume. Joe the Egg got Pear, Mr Glue got Clem Lemon, Shaky Bacon got Candy Corn, Leif got Space Duck, Muffin Baker got Sr Cork, Inky got Mope the Onion and Lemonhead got Prof. Encyclopedia.

"in an hour is the Halloween party" said Mr Toast. "We need to eat some dinner" said Mr Glue. "Lets go" said Mr Toast to his friends. They ran to Mr Toast's house. They ate dinner as fast as they could. Then they put on the their costumes. They went outside to trick or treat. THeir pumpkin was glowing because they put in a candle. They got lots and lots of candy. THey got presents too. Then they went back to their own homes.

The End


Bradley said...

Delightful story! Thanks for making me smile!

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eurotrash said...

YAY Jake our next Hemmingway!

Anonymous said...

Tonight we were playing tennis at a park in Studio City and found drawings of Mr. Toast, Lemonhead, and some other characters (chalk was smeared) on a handball court. Who knew they were celebrities..?