Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Today I had the great pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Vicki & Michael who are collectively known as MEOMI. They were in town promoting their new Octonauts book, The Sea of Shade. Kind of like myself they are busy creating their own world in print and on the web. We talked about the twists and turns of trying to get stuff out into the world and trying to create a vision that draws on all that things we loved as kids.

It always inspires me in my work to meet like minded people who bring the same sort of do it yourself attitude to everything they do. I encourage everyone to check out both of the Octonauts books and if you are in San Francisco look out because they are headed your way for a bunch of great signings and events.


eurotrash said...

I HEART the Octonauts!

listeningmoth said...

I was just poking around their site last week. It's beautiful. I was so excited to see there's a new Octonauts book. We have loved the first one.