Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Monster Freez'Ems

Monster Pops

A few years ago at the flea market we came across a group of items all related to the production of some monster food products in the early 70's. There was art for a number of different frozen pop designs and even a Frankenstein's Monster fruit drink bottle. The last thing was a couple of uncut printers proofs of the final product that was made, Monster Freez'Ems from 1975. It is amazing to see the process from product conception to the actual product that was produced.

Frankenstein Monster PopsDracula Monster PopsFrankenstein Monster PopsWolfman Monster PopsKing Kong Monster PopsMonster PopsFrankenstein Monster Pops

Frankenstein Juice Bottle

1975 Monster Freez'Ems

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artaugogo said...

and David W. wants like $500.00 for them! LOL.