Monday, February 26, 2007

Misc. Scans

From trade magazines and other sources.

Hotsy Hot DogsMasonite Ad

Polar Chevrolet

Safeway SignKentucky Fried Chicken Van

Sign AdSouth of the Border billboards


Outdoor Advertising adOutdoor Advertising ad

Plexiglass adWebb's City Drug Store

Burger King Fryers adPinocchio Restaurant

Henny-Penny RestaurantOrange Julius Ad

Electric Blanket bookletElectric Blanket booklet

Electric Blanket bookletElectric Blanket booklet

Spot Illustration

Spot Illustration

Ham Radio Ad


Tom Gill said...

Nice scans!

The Burger King one brings back memories. I remember the old Burger King outdoor sign had a similar picture of the king sitting on a hamburger - I've been looking for a picture of that sign for years and your post really reminds me of that sign.

There is still a Burger King building exactly like the one in that article in Naperville, Illinois - I pass by it every day.

Dustin Crops Boy said...

I think that White Bear sign still exists (w/o the Chevy sign)... I'll drive to White Bear Lake soon and take a photo if it's still there.

robin.g said...

I love South of the Border! Went there on vacation by myself last year (10-hour drive!) and loved it. Thanks for these coooool pix!