Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hersheys Kissmobile

The Hershey's Kissmobile came to my post office on Valentine's Day in promotion of the new Hersheys Kisses Love Stamp.. They gave away candy and the lame Kiss Dude was there. I am not sure how I felt about the whole thing but I would have much rather seen the Weinermobile.....

Hersheys Kissmobile

Hersheys Kiss dude


Savage said...

Having seen the Weinermobile in person, I'd have to agree.

Now all I can think of is getting some Hershey's Chocolate milk and a Oscar Meyer wiener.

Nessa said...

Poor little lame Kiss dude.. he may be smiling on the outside, but he's crying on the inside!

By the way, I like your blog.