Monday, May 15, 2006

Jay Ward Concept art

This group of Jay Ward concept art from the 1960's turuned up on ebay a while back. I ended up with 23 pieces (of a group of over 50 pieces) of art for possible products to be made based on Rocky and Bullwinkle. Some of the products are pretty straightforward but others like Tonic for Toddlers just seem to come out of left field. The art is done in gouache, colored pencil and collage. Quite amazing.


Gabriel said...

So simple, and sometimes naive! Me loves it.

Stephen Worth said...

Hi Dan

Can I scan these for the archive sometime?

By the way, June Foray will be at the Van Eaton Galleries in Sherman Oaks Wednesday evening doing a gallery event to benefit the archive. If you're free, stop by and I'll introduce you to her.

Art of Voice Acting Event

your pal

Dan Goodsell said...

sure I will bring them over to the archive!

Gregg said...

COOL!!! ... Thanks for the comics Dan!

Gregg / St. Louis

Savage said...

I really enjoy Rocky & Bullwinkle and all of Jay Ward's creations! How many old Quisp and Cap'n Crunch things do you have? You've gotta put them up!

I know you put up the post with "someone" eating the Cap'n Crunch Cookies last week. :)

Anonymous said...

So, these must be from a brain-storming session at an advertising agency for proposed products (sadly, not made) paid for by either General Mills or Producers Association of Television (PAT) Productions.

C. Barnard said...

I too am a huge Quisp fan, so any Quisp stuff you want to put up will be alright by me...:)

Jenny said...

Those are unbelievably cool! Lucky you to get them.

Since you're local, you must have passed by or gone into the Jay Ward store on Sunset, didn't you? We lived on Sweetzer in the mid-70s and I'd walk past that old, subleached statue every day to & from school...I always wanted one of the giant bird-things they sold there--very Seussian. I know they sold cassettes of their soundtracks but don't remember original art, darn it. Anyway, just reminiscing--that artwork is terrific!

Anonymous said...



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