Friday, January 01, 2010



Well 2009 was an odd year, with the new financial situation settling in. Luckily things are going well over here at Mr Toast enterprises. I did a lot of shows in 2009 and I am planning to do just as many this year (I will be back at the NYCC in October). This year we shall see some new dolls including Mega Clem Lemon and Mega Lemon Ed (note the new name, I am retiring the Lemonhead name). Expect cool things at Comic Con in July including a special edition Shaky Bacon doll.

I will be working on a new book, which I am hoping some real publisher will put out but if necessary, I will self publish it.

Not sure what we are doing in terms of art shows but I am sure to be in group shows at Gallery 1988 (thanks Katie and Jensen) and hopefully Mayra with have something going with a new Monkeyhouse Toys. Also working on a new non-Mr Toast webcomic which I will talk about later. The Mr Toast webcomic has been on hiatus for a while and it might stay that way for a bit longer.

The thing I love most about doing Mr Toast is the connection I get to have with the fans. I never imagined I would be doing shows and people would come in and know all my characters names. Every artist seeks an audience and I feel very lucky to have found one for all my odd little drawings and artwork.


Savage said...

Looking forward to more fun stuff Dan!

AudreyJ said...

I can't believe your idea became so popular-- not because it's bad, but because it's awesome! You're an inspiration that things can take off if you keep at it! Love your Mr. Toast, & look forward to looking into your stuff!
Good luck with the new book!

Todd Franklin said...

All the best in 2010 and I'll be looking forward to the new stuff. Good luck with the book and the new non-Mr Toat webcomic!

Zul said...

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