Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Scoopy's Sugar Cones

Scoopy's Sugar Cones boxScoopy's Sugar Cones box


HappyPeppyPerson said...

Dan, dear,

This comment has nothing to do with sugar cones. I'm sorry about that, as I'm sure I'm going against an unspoken Blogger Commenting Code, but I just HAD to ask you something relating to Burry Cookies. See, my dad was a salesman for Burry. We used to get the cookies at home all the time for free. One day he also brought home for me a Betsy Burry doll. She was like a Raggedy Ann doll in that she was entirely made of cloth. Well, of course, over the years I lost track of her, and now I'd love to find another Betsy. When I search-engine her name, I come up only with information about the printed icon. In your Burry-themed travels, have you ever happened upon an actual Betsy Burry doll?

Dan Goodsell said...

yeah I have never seen a Betsy Burry doll - it may have just been somethign they gave out to employees, in which case it will prove to be very hard to find.

good luck

lapstrake said...

Wow! I remember these vividly! Excellent find.
Thanks for sharing your collection.