Monday, April 23, 2012

Mr Toast iOS Game

Mr Toast Game Icon

Well after months of work, the Mr Toast game is done and for sale in the iTunes store. Only .99 cents! In the game you control Mr Toast as he travels down the street. You need to pick up extra time and eat foods to gain speed while avoiding obstacles. There are 2 modes of play, Levels - where you have different levels to beat or Infinite - where you just go as far as you can. The game has original music by the band Shibboleth on the main levels and they did an amazing job. My buddy Todd Webb, who does the art on the Mr Toast comics, added some great incidental music. The programmer was the incomparable Mike Parent (anyone looking for a programmer should use Mike). It was a blast making the game and I hope everyone enjoys it.


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Tom said...

My boys can't wait!