Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Tiger-Tiger Ice CreamBazooka wrappersStrawsStrawsDixie Riddle Cups1963 Cap'n Crunch boxCorn Crackos sample1965 Froot Loops


Katella Gate said...

Thanks for sharing these treasures with us.

Now THAT'S the Cap'n Crunch I grew up with ... And the Fruit Loops with the Pig Latin translation

Never saw the Licorice and Orange ice cream before. It might be an interesting flavor - certainly unexpected. I'd try it.

cybele said...

Tiger Tiger Ice Cream? The only dairy product named for a William Blake poem, for sure.

Robert Pope said...

Good gravy, I can still remember the smell on those Carnival Straws when you popped open the pack. Thanks a million.

lapstrake said...

Totally remember the Carnival straws - kind of a creepy clown head.

Orange and licorice???

Jimmy P said...

This makes me happy. I have been compiling a list of cartoon spokespersons, and Toucan Sam has now been rightfully added to the list.

Anonymous said...