Monday, July 17, 2006

The Art of Roger Bradfield

A couple months back I posted the art from a Tonka Trucks mini comic book done by the artist Jolly Roger Bradfield. After doing the post I thought I should try to see what else he did, so I did a search on the internet. Up poped his own site telling about his long career in children's books and comic strips. He created Dooley's World from 1972-1978 which I remember fondly from my childhood. He was also a prolific children's book writer and illustrator.

In his bio it mentioned that he had worked doing packaging design. So I sent him an email to see if he had worked on any kids food. Well he wrote back and told me that he had worked on the General Mills cereal boxes of the early 60's! He had worked on Kix, Trix, Wheaties, Jets and did the fronts for many of the signature boxes of the time. WOW.

He also did some work on Mr Bubble and some Pillsbury projects. One other great thing he did was all the spot illustraions for the Bisquick Cookbook in 1964. It is amazing to see all the creativity and skill he poured into this book so I scanned a few of my favorites.

Roger continues to paint and many of his great kids book from the 1960's & 1970's are now being republished. It is great to think that his incredible artwork will be enjoyed by many generations to come.


Anonymous said...

Great post. Thanks for lightening my morning. Makes me want to go buy some Trix.

chris damitio

Anonymous said...

looking at the old trix cereal-box design makes me wonder how such a great design could transform into that greedy stupid rabbit i see on tv commercial

how i hate that silly rabbit.

Todd Franklin said...

Great discovery of one of the unsung heroes that introduced us to some of our beloved breakfast characters!

Anonymous said...

Amazing. I cooked banana nut bread from that exact same cookbook last weekend, and was going to email you Dan and see if you might know who did the illustrations.

Chris Merritt said...

Amazing detective work Dan!

MommaSteph said...

Lovely, lovely, you made my day! I had just posted about Bradfield yesterday, so funny. How nice to have the link to his site! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff man.

I'm 31 and bought a box of trix a few weeks back. They arent even round anymore. All fruit shaped.

Someone should send this link to GM.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry, but i cannot idnetify with the nostalgia. The new boxes look way better

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this EXCELLENT post!
After looking at the "Oatmeal" drawing for the cookbook I was reminded by similar illustrations that would adorn the individual packets of instant oatmeal from the same general time period. The drawing style, (cheery kiddies, with the apple cheeks), is so similar I would not be surpised if Roger Bradfield had done those as well.
Love the design and those colors on the KIX box!

Warm regards,
Michael Duggan

Anonymous said...

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